The story of our company

Ultramare - The producer of air filters

  • 1934Through the sea

    In 1934 r. Ludvig Mattias founded Ultramare, dealing at first with import of jute and production of jute sacks for agriculture, for the transport and storage of potatoes. Name Ultramare (by the sea) comes from a cargo sailing ship, which brought jute from India to Europe. The boat still floats under the Danish flag and is the world's smallest original three masts sailing.
  • 1954Clear air

    In 1954 r. Ultramare company switched all their activities on trade with nonwovens and production of air filters and after fifteen years it started the production of airfilters on large own scale.
  • 1996Swedish air filters

    Continuous development led to the need of opening a branch in Poland. The company "Ultramare Swedish Filters" Sp. z o.o. which was established in 1996 on Swedish company Ultramare AB initiative, which is the oldest producer of air filters in Scandynavia.
  • 2003Scandynavian technology
    Polish costs

    In the beginning of 2003 we transformed to a separate organizational unit, under the name Ultramare Sp . z o.o. The company’s residence and the warehouse and production factories are located in Szemuda near Gdynia. The sales office is in Warsaw.
  • NowUltramare Sp. z o.o.

    Nowadays, we cooperate with companies from ventilation-service as well as pharmaceutical concerns, property managers, leading food producers, health care, universities and world leaders in the field of electronic equipment. Equally, however, we firmly attach to work with small and medium-sized enterprises.