UltraTec 3
14 February 2016
UltraTec 5
14 February 2016

Pocket synthetic filters

UltraTec 4

Technical specification:

  • based on the thermal technology combining pure, homogeneous and durable synthetic fibers (100% polyester), progressively seed drills (increasing the density of fibers)
  • the open structure of the nonwoven fabric of the air inlet side progressively thickening towards the outlet causes, that larger dirt particles are retained in the upper filter layer, and smaller penetrate the non-woven fabric
  • this technology enables the retention of much larger amounts of impurities, minimizes the increase in resistance to air flow and prevents the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the filter material
  • maximum efficiency in the long air purification with low pressure drop
  • very high dirt holding capacity at the mechanical strength of the effect of the low operating and maintenance costs