How to order?

We do not have a fixed price list - it is necessary to send your inquiry.


Choose the product

Check out the wide range of products offered by us and then go to the next step.

Specify the dimensions

Prepare data for the selected product in accordance with the requirements set out below.

Send an inquiry

Send this information to the trader assigned to your region in order to obtain a valuation.

Place an order

After getting the valuation, place an order. Join the data required for delivery and invoicing.

Details of the product

Depending on the type of filter, we will need some information in order to prepare the assessment

Cartridge filters

  1. Width (b) in [mm]
  2. Height (h) in [mm]
  3. The thickness of the frame (l) in [mm]
  4. Any number of pleats, or expected throughput in m3/h
  5. Type of housing: galvanized metal or cardboard
  6. Class

Pocket filters

  1. Width (b) in [mm]
  2. Height (h) in [mm]
  3. Length of the pocket (l) in [mm]
  4. Any number of pockets
  5. Class

Absolute filters and others

  1. Width in [mm]
  2. Height in [mm]
  3. The thickness of the frame in [mm]
  4. Any expected throughput in m3 / h at a nominal resistance
  5. Type of housing: MDF, aluminum, galvanized sheet, etc.
  6. Eg filter class. I 13 or H 13 or 99,99%

You don’t know the size?

If you do not know the class and the size of the filter, is a great help in the selection of appropriate new filter can be written off and provide us with the data from the label with the name of the manufacturer.

Have any questions?

Opening hours

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What should the order contain?

  • The exact delivery address (postcode)
  • The name and phone number of the contact person at the place of delivery
  • Data needed for the invoice: the name and address of the company and NIP
  • The name and signature of the person authorized to place orders
  • Great convenience will mention (with the signature of the authorized person) of the content: "We authorize Ultramare Sp. z o.o. to issue invoices without our signature"

Data for money transfer:

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